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Since 1998, we have been providing our customers with promotional items that combine style and functionality. The COSMO pens we offer are among the most popular in Poland, appreciated for their attractive price and high quality. COSMO pens are adapted for laser marking, which ensures the marking is very durable, while guaranteeing very accurate reproduction, even of very fine details.


In addition to COSMO pens, our range also includes other pen models from the Millennium collection such as BOND, REY, MOOI, STAR, BELLO TOUCH PEN, and COSMO TOUCH PEN.
Despite the website name referring to COSMO pens, our assortment also includes flash drives, power banks, thermoses, mugs, t-shirts, and many other promotional gadgets, over 20000 different products. Thanks to our own laser marking facilities, we can guarantee quick order processing. We are not limited to laser marking alone. Not all products are suitable for this. Therefore, drawing on years of experience, we cooperate with suppliers who guarantee us high-quality UV marking, silkscreen printing, pad printing, embroidery, or other digital techniques.


Not everyone needs promotional items. Many companies and individuals also need other services and products, such as nameplates or security function labels (high strength films resistant to weather conditions, but also mechanical and temperature. They crumble when trying to peel off). We mainly manufacture nameplates from anodized aluminium, stainless steel and in the case of labels - TESA film.


No one needs special convincing these days about how important visual identification of products is. We offer you the possibility of branding your products, whether it's a part of a machine - device, a finished tool, or another product, including equipment:

  • With your logo, name, or any other sign/text/graphics
  • With the logo / name of your contractors / recipients
  • With a serial number, date, barcode, or other


We offer promotional pens with engraving and printing - promotional gadgets - nameplates - TESA foil labels - CALENDARS - CERTIFICATES
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